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Jinling Resort Nanjing profile

2019/2/16 20:55:30
◆ natural scenery glance quiet Jinling unique service experience and charm
Nanjing Jinling Hotel" target="_blank">Jinling Hotel Jinling Hotel" target="_blank">Jinling Hotel, Jiangning Economic and Technological Development Zone together to create a boutique, located in the beautiful scenery of one hundred Lake, east Ningli highway, west airport expressway, the transportation is very convenient. The entire hotel occupies 117,000 square meters, construction area of ??22,000 square meters. That walk to go to the subway station, with easy access to Jiangning University Town, near the dining, living and leisure facilities perfect strategic location, transportation is very convenient travel.
Nanjing Jinling Hotel" target="_blank">Jinling Hotel has luxury, comfort, various types of rooms including presidential suites, including the 138, and has an elegant style of Chinese and Western restaurants, banquet package, various conference rooms and first-class entertainment and fitness facilities. Hotel is surrounded by the lake , valuable trees three patchwork building was faced with beautiful scenery and a half arc Baijiahu, Tingtingyuli, side by side with the lake water color, blend beautifully. vestibular Square garden and atrium , the hall two exquisitely carved, jade stones spirit Pitt stone buildings and scattered distribution between hydrophilic leisure garden more hotel creates a harmony between man and nature atmosphere.
Nanjing Jinling Hotel" target="_blank">Jinling Hotel opened in 2001, 3-storey, Number of Rooms 138 (sets).

Swish Hotel Dalian traffic info

Business zone:Railway Station / Qingniu Bridge
Address: · Dalian · Zhongshan - No.21 Wuhui Road Zhongshan District Dalian China